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Mofo Rc

Big Block Motor - Speed and Power! for scx24

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Motor And Mount Option



This motor will mount in several different mounts, That being said depending on the mount you may need to either remove the pins from the motor wire connector and swap them from one side to the other or if you have a throttle reverse function on your remote or esc you may need to reverse the direction from the remote or esc. With the aluminum mount the rotation will need to be reversed when running otherwise stock position and direction

This is the new Big block motor from mofo rc, It has TONS of Torque and TONs of speed and is 2s or 3s capable plus will run on both stock scx24 escs. It is a 130 sized motor option that will fit in the scx24 with a little modification, Depending on which mount or gear you choose.

The Aluminum FF Mount will fit either mod.3 or mod.5 gear ratios up to mod.3 24T or mod.5 14T, It faces the motor forward or if you flip the skid plate backwards it will face the motor backward. 

The Aluminum Race Mount is designed to be used the the Mofo Rc Tiny spur gear and will include the Steel tiny spur gear and the motor will have a 24T Mod.3 pinion gear. It will be extremely fast for a brushed motor but you will sacrifice low speed torque. **NOTE You will need to leave out the top motor mount screw during installation as well as leave off the spur gear nut. You can use a small amount of blue locktite or super glue on the shaft before sliding on the tiny spur gear to keep it from moving around since there will be no retaining nut. If all that bothers you dont pick this option. 

The Aluminum side mount combo comes in 14t and 24t will mount in the same location as the stock motor from the scx24, However you will need to cut 1 leg of the battery tray off and the battery tray will hump up slightly see pics. 

These and other brushed motors have a 30 day warranty against defects. IF Purchased MOTOR ONLY and Pressing on your own gear and you destroy the motor it will not be warrantied. 

See youtube video here for speed demonstrations of this and other motors from mofo rc.