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Mofo Rc

The Peoples Servo, Black Label 2.0 From Mofo RC

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THE BUDGED PRICED MONSTER POWER SERVO YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Pretty much the same power and speed as the other servos in the $50-$60 price range, But has an aluminum case which is o-ring sealed for water resistance and a high power coreless motor for Max Power and Speed at the price point of just 34.99 AND INCLUDES MIL SPEC 7075 ALUMINUM SERVO HORN!!!!

Mofo Exclusive for the Micro class Rounded Servo mounting ears to help with frame clearance. 

Coreless internal motor for max speed and torque all the way from 4.8 to 8.4 volts. AND INCLUDES the mil spec. 7075 aluminum Servo horn for just $34.99 Does not require external BEC but recommend for max power

Comes with a 90 day warranty against everything. 1 year on the hardened steel geartrain. Must return for inspection with warranty. Its as strong and fast as the others but comes in a beautiful Black aluminum case with a motor that is completey sealed which is naturally more waterproof and o-ring seals. Waterproof-ish do not submarine this for periods of time.

Comes with mil spec. 7075 billet aluminum servo horn as well and some random mounting hardware screws and nuts.

Fits Great on the Mofo Rc "Best servo mount ever made". Its a super tight fit so theres no room for movement, Just loosen the screws for the servo posts to the mount, install the screws to secure the servo to the posts then snug the post mount screws and recheck the servo to mount screws. May not fit other brand servo mounts. 

Super strong hard steel gears. coreless power, water resistant o-ring sealed full case, it is The Peoples Servo! Mofo rc Black Label 2.0