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Mofo Rc

Hognose Chassis for Scx24

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The Hognose Chassis kit from mofo rc, For the axial scx24

We can only produce 4 of these each day so i appologize in advance but it will be first come first serve. We will add qty to the site once a day at first and see what happens. if this doesnt work we may wait a few days then add the larger QTY once a week. 

This chassis cage kit weight is just 43 Grams, It is Laser printed of Nylon 11 which is more flexible and less brittle than the less expensive nylon 12 Made in house right here in Texas. It if for the axial scx24 platform and will fit any skid plate designed for the scx24. It includes the Chassis cage and the 4 nylon panels. The parts are all paintable or dyeable or can even be ceracoted or powder coated. Also can be lightly sanded or polished for an even smoother finish if wanted. Make sure to wash the parts with dish soap and warm water and let dry before painting. 

Chassis several mounting points throughout the chassis for customizing the way you want and or for future options from mofo rc. As shown the smoke grey and tuscan sun yellow build Is using the Mofo rc deadbolt length trailing arms in the rear and Jeep/bronco/c10 links in the front. The trailing arms work great with stock length shocks and look awesome in slow mo videos. Mine is also running a Big block motor with side mount and 30% overdrive gears front and rear setup to go fast using a V1 axial esc and a mofo rc 400mah 3s comp lipo battery as a speed build. But build it however you want to. There is no right or wrong way to set it up. Go fast, Go slow, Creep, Crawl, Climb, Haul Butt or shelf queen, Just do what you want and make sure to give it a name that is cool as hell. The 4 trays in the cage can be used in whatever combination you want for electronics or wiring or batteries. The center tray shown holding the stock esc in the pics is designed that you can clip the 4 bars that hold it in and remove it if you do not want to use it or it gets in the way of your setup. Nearly EVERY motor combo for the scx24 made should fit in this chassis. And if needed you can dremmel stuff out of the way. 

Installation instructions:

1) Bolt in your scx24 skid plate and other parts.

2) Strap, velcro, glue or zip tie whatever else you need or want.

3) Turn it on and have a blast, Make sure to tag Mofo rc in your posts