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Mofo Rc

Nano Beast Motor

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This is only the motor, You will need a pinion gear and to know how to install a gear and will need a mount as well. If you want something that already works with a gear and mount buy one of the other items from the store labeled with a mount either the standard, Front facing, or nick albins aluminum mount. when purchased that item the motor comes with the motor and the gear installed. 

Nano Beast 2.0 Micro brushless motor only, Giant Power for scx24. This does require a brushless esc to operate as it is brushless such as the furitek lizard pro. Will also require a mount such as the 3 mounts i sell in the store listed under nano beast mount only or Nick albins aluminum mount. Select pinion gear from store item separate, When using the standard location mount you will need the 11t gear to operate with the transfer gear system, When used with the forward facing mount will work best with the 11t gear for crawling, "May work" with the 14t mod.3 gear and also the 7t or 8t mod.5 gear for use with aftermarket mod.5 spur gears but may expect cogging at low speeds when used with other than the 11t gear.

This is the motor only does not include mount or screws or pinion gear, the screw holes are m2 threaded and the shaft is 1.5mm diameter on the motor, that bolt circle mounting pattern is 9mm across with 4 holes

30 day warranty on brushless motors against manufacture defects.