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Mofo Rc

Conversion Kit 6x6

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The more expensive option will come with the not shown aluminum links for the rear most axle and both axle risers and pass through gear. 

scx24 6x6 conversion kit, SEE OTHER ITEM FOR LCG 6x6 KIT, This will convert the rear of your scx24 Jeep/C10 to use a 3rd axle in the rear and have 6 wheel drive. There are many parts included and also some that are not included you will need. The Basic kit will come with the parts needed to allow you to use a Pass Through gear kit which is not included but can be added here or also sold on the website separately. This kit will require a 3rd axle either a front or rear to be used on the back of the vehicle. The link lengths needed are Deadbolt/Betty front link setup. you can use a stock servo tray, Upper Y link and Deadbolt Lower links to install the 3rd axle. You can also order the parts here from me, Or the 3d printed rear axle 4 link kit available here too with riser and links. The link riser included with the 4 link kit is the length of a front servo tray and attatch the 4 special made links to it that are deadbolt front 4 link length This replaces the rear diff cover and you may need to remove 1 or both of the o-rings on the screw gear for proper tension. These Kits will accept all the way up to LGRP or Scrambler or mudslinger tires. If using 4 wheel steering the tires that large may interfere or may not depending on setup. The Kit installs to the frame via the rear bumper holes and 1st rearward set of mounting holes for the shock uprights. 1 plate goes on the inside of the rail and the other main rail extensions go outside the frame and sandwhich the frame inbetween the 2. The links for the rear will attatch to the new frame extensions and sandwhich inbetween the new rails and a special bracket that all screws together. This seems like alot but its actually very simple. This will come with the necessary screws. It is up to you to figure out a body and body mounts for this. It does have the stock rear bumper mouting locations built into the new rail extensions. The driveshaft needed will be either an aftermarket adjustable length one. Or a jeep/c10 rear female tube cut to the length to fit. Appx 25mm from tube end to the part where the tube grows into a flange. as well as either a front or rear male shaft for the other end. Trimming of 1 or both will likely be required. You can Also get this kit and customize the link lengths and such to your linking. Just like anything else in this hobby everything is customizable. You can purchase a front or rear axle through my other items on this site so i can keep track of inventory if i have any in stock at the time you are purchasing. Please Check Youtube Mofo Rc for a walkthrough about the kit and installation tips.