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Mofo Rc

V2 SMP "Slow Motion Pancake" Brushless motor / Aluminum mount

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Motor Options

THIS IS A BRUSHLESS MOTOR, you will need a brushless Electronic Speed Controller to operate this such as the furitek lizard or lizard pro. 

In this listing you have the option to purchase the motor alone without mount and gear. Or motor with mount and gear, And also motor with mount, gear and Furitek Lizard Pro Bluetooth esc. 

This V2 Version is the same motor, Now Comes with a Steel pinion gear and an ALUMINUM MOUNT, New mount accepts more gearing options and the motor comes different choices for gear pitch and size. Either Mod.3 and Now Mod.5 Select from options Mod.3 is the stock choice. Mod.5 Requires use of a Mod.5 Spur Gear.

Mod.3 comes with 20T steel pinion gear installed. Mod.5 comes with 11T steel pinion gear. 

This is the SMP Motor from Mofo Rc, It is a 1700 Kv motor capable of both 2s and 3s or even 4s power. The motor is extremely smooth and precise. Has a ton of torque and superior low speed control when paired with the furitek lizard pro esc. It will run on other Brushless escs just fine But when ultimate control is what you desire the FOC control of the Furitek is the best at this time.  

The bolt mounting pattern of the motor is 12mm spaced apart M2 threaded. The motor shaft diameter is 3mm and has the cut shaft should you desire to run a pinion gear with a set screw. The pinion gear included in the motor package is already installed and is a press on gear, Use a little loctite on the motor screw holes when installing get mesh correct and lightly snug then let dry. 

The Mount included with the motor package is ALUMINUM and faces the motor forward but still as low as possible. You will need to have basic knowledge of moving things around and modifying to fit the motor in an scx24.  Other mounting options will be available as well in the future.