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Mofo Rc

Traxxas TRX4-M Big Block Brushed Motor

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Youtube Big Block Comparison Video Click Here

This is the Iconic Big Block motor from mofo rc in beautiful Black Chrome, Now comes with the steel pinion gear of mod.4 11T for a direct fit into the Traxxas trx4-m

You can expect better low speed resolution for an all around better crawling experience and on top of that the big block is more than 50% faster than the Titan motor with more power and torque as well. 

Dont forget to check out the mofo rc Traxxas High speed transmission bearing set and do both at the same time as you will have the transmission apart anyways and can get rid of the traxxas transmission bushings. 

This is a huge upgrade in the amount of fun you will have when staying brushed. Also the Big Block motor weights 10 grams less and is shorter than the Titan motor so you have less sprung weight and a lower center of gravity. 

You will need to remove and disassemble the transmission and remove the old titan 180 motor, When you do this you will need a soldiering iron to remove the harness from the Big Block motor and from the titan, And reinstall the Harness from the titan onto the Big Block motor. The red wire will install where the red wire on the big block is and the black wire red stripe will install where the black wire is on the big block, if you dont have a soldiering iron you can just cut and splice the wires together and wrap with heat shrink or with electrical tape. But soldiering would be ideal.