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X15 Complete Billet Axle Sets For Scx24 / AX24 - F/R Combo and F/F 4ws Combo

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There is alot that went into these axles, I may be forgetting something and if so i will add it as i remember as well as more pics, These have been Months and Months and Months in the making. And are finaly here.  There are 2 variations Currently Front / Rear Axle set and Front / Front 4 wheel steer Kit.  


X15 Axles from Mofo RC,  These new axles are the 1 ton equivelant of a real axle scaled down into the 24th scale dimension. EVERY OTHER AXLE THUS FAR - has been a 1/2 ton axle compared to these. The power demands and crazy gear ratios we send at our axles just dont hold up.... NOT ANY MORE! The X15 is a 7.5mm per side extension in width when compared to the stock scx24 / ax24 axles for a total of 15mm extra width. Nearly all the hardware is upgraded to larger bolts.  Read on my friend Read on.... 

Click Here for the X15 Brass Upgrades. There will be many more to come. 

These new axles come pre-loaded with full high speed bearing kits... They come out of the box with a Mofo Rc Adapted Sturdy-er Top Bolt Designed servo mount that includes the "BSME" Best Servo Mount Ever Made from mofo rc for X15s. Tons have Copied our revolutionary design that allows you to adjust the mouting depth of your steering servo forwards or backwards for clearance. 

The CVD Axle joints in the front axles are nearly THREE times the diameter of the stock scx24 and ax24 axle shafts, And Nearly twice the size of all the aftermarket scx24 CVD Joints.

Axles will come with a number of larger internal diameter M1.6 Brass link balls, You will need to remove the link balls from whatever links you are currently using and install then new larger ones to accept the larger screw diameter in all link and shock locations except the upper front links to servo tray. This has been left alone for the time being, May be updated in the future if the need arises and will just be a simple tray needed for upgrade.

The axle shafts have a larger diameter thread pitch as well, However the inculded Brass axle to wheel nuts use the standard 4mm tool for increased Wheel choice options. Please use loctite on the wheel nuts as these do not have Nylon locks. Should you wish to use Nylon lock nuts the ones you would purchase are wheel nuts for the Trx4-m. 

Axle housings are aluminum and coated in a slippery black thick coating for ease of going over rocks. 

Axles should accept all scx24 links and shocks and are in the same locations as the stock axles to reduce unwanted binding. 

Included is the new super high clearance steering link as well to reduce the chance of Clobbering it onto rocks. 

Rear Axle has built in Multi position Link Riser for adjustment both up / down and forwards / backwards of the link points. 

Diff gears drop out of the back of the axle housings to reduce the amount of junk getting stuck into the bolt heads. and provide a nice clean smooth surface. 

Brass Wheel Hexes, Hex pins, And Brass Wheel nuts are included. The axles are Worm gear driven and can use any standard or aftermarket gears including under / overdrive worm gears, Included are standard pitch Steel top gear and Brass lower gear locker for super smooth operation with no break in and to provide a failure point in a serious Brushless Bind up situation of wheel stuckness.

Everything is pre-installed except for the link balls and the steering servo mount. YOU WILL need to dissassemble the axles and grease the internals with the INCLUDED tub of COW RC UDDER BUTTER, As well as locktite any bolt you dont want falling out on the trails. When Removing the bolts again after loctited if you cannot get the bolt out use a heat gun or a hair drier or soldering iron fine tip to heat the screws and loctite areas to free the compound so you do not strip things out. 

Weights of complete axles

*Front Axle 46g

*Rear Axle 33g