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Mofo Rc

Aluminum Axle Housings - Discounted See Description

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This latest batch has had about 25% of the axles needing some sanding or polishing of the housing to get the servo mount or rear link riser to fit. Due to this these will be discounted and you may receive one that works fine or may recieve one that needs work to fit the mount. IT is 100% possible to make these work properly but as stated MAY REQUIRE WORK.  As such there is no warranties on them. 

These have been re-designed and now will work with the Mofo rc Brass portal kits, Not shown in pics but the outer axle bearing retaining screw location is now horizontal just like the stock axles. 

Gorgeous and Beautiful, Strong aluminum axle housings. Black anodized and ready to add some strength and weight to your rig! simply disassemble your old plastic axles and reinstall into the aluminum housings. New Version Even Prettier than the last.