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LInks - Brass or aluminum High clearance Hybrid build you own by the set

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Brass Links

High Clearance Brass Links for Axial Scx24, All are brass except the links marked AL 4 link front they are aluminum. 


**BRONCO** The links labeled Jeep/C10 will fit the bronco, The rear links  for the jeep/c10 are 1mm longer than the bronco but they do work, see picture of the bronco for reference. 

**Jeep/C10** are the same link lengths as the Jeep Wrangler, C10, and Bronco but bronco has 1mm shorter rear links than these however it does fit. 

**Betty/Bolt** are the same link lengths as the Betty and the Deadbolt

**Jeep Gladiator** 4 link kit comes with all 8 brass links for the Jeep Gladiator front lower and upper, Rear lower and upper. ALL BRASS

High Clearance Black Brass Suspension links for the Axial Scx24, These are sold as a set for either front or rear, The front will include the brass lower HC links and the upper Y-link which is also brass and HC setup to clear the lower links. The rear options come with the Brass Lower HC links for that model and the Brass Upper links as well. This allows you to make your correct wheelbase by selecting the options you need and not having to buy 2 full sets of links to get your correct lengths. 

Select the model you have, And the Link location you want, If you have a Jeep and you want the stock length front links both upper Y Link and Lower Hc links made in brass select Jeep/C10 front, If you want Rear Upper and Lower brass links select Jeep/C10 rear, NOW Say you have a Jeep but your jeep is using the longer rear links off of a deadbolt Then you would select the Betty/Bolt rear option plus whatever front option you want. Or if you have a Deadbolt but using the Jeep/C10 front links to extend the wheelbase on it then Purchase the Jeep/C10 front option. I hope this makes sense. These are Stock length links But made in Brass and coated with a slipery Black coating and the lower links are elegantly bent slightly for extra clearance so you are less likely to get hung up on things. 

The aluminum Upper front option for 4 link is if you want to convert your model to a 4 linked front end and you have the correct servo mount to do this then you can also purchase the Upper front links for the conversion here too. These are aluminum not brass. They are offset link ball location and reversible for clearance either up or down just by flipping them one way or the other. 

For more info on the Brass steering links or the 4 link conversion aluminum upper links see the other listings in the store.