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Mofo Rc

Brass Transmission Case or Brass Bulletproof Trans

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Select Below Either the Brass Transmission Case and Cover or the BulletProof Brass Transmission Complete Kit.

Scx24 Brass Transmission Case and Gear Cover 16Grams of extra Weight right in the middle and low where you want it. Skid plate NOT included, Trans case and cover and screws and allen key are included

Can be used with your stock parts just swap over to this or Select the Brass Bullet proof trans kit and it will include Hardened steel trans gears and spur gear, High speed bearings and Adjustable motor mount

When used with larger gears some of the Larger pinion gears may have clearance issues with the Gear cover but will work fine with the transmission.

Bulletproof Brass Transmission kit, This is all the parts needed to build a Bulletproof transmission, Comes with the trans case and cover and screws, also included is a mofo rc aluminum adjustable motor mount, High speed transmission bearings, Bulletproof steel single piece internals, a pair of high clearance motor screws to mount the motor and a nut for the spur gear, Plus the hardened steel spur gear of your choice either mod.3 or mod.5. To use mod.5 you must have a different than stock Pinion gear, The mod.5 pinon gears are sold separately on the site. *Ensure that when you swap all the parts to this the long end of the bottom transmission gear and the long end of the top transmission gear both come out of the same end. That is the front. Also when installing the spur gear the End with the protruding hub where the shaft slides through goes toward the transmission and when you install the nut to hold on the spur gear do not tighten down all the way. snug lightly then back off a quarter to half turn to ensure the gear can wiggle a little on its own if it wants to. If you smash it on you may experience binding