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Mofo Rc

Mofo KN Vader Chassis kit - Temporarily out of production.

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Chassis, Mofo KN Vader kit. Scx24 rock crawler chassis kit. Super small and lite weight printed in ABS plastic in Moforc special ironing plastic impregnated process for extra durable chassis strength. As shown kit with rear mofo r double barrels and 33mm limit strap kit. Also only using 33mm limit straps on front no shocks. Comes with stainless screw kit just use your rig and this kit to make a very awesome very flexible rock crawler rig. Also shown with +5mm black hex extenders. Swamper bogger tires and style 3 silver beadlocks. Rig will easily fit an 050 motor and the boost edition motors with adjustable motor plate for larger pinion gears. Flip up top lid for easy access to battery removal and connectors.