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Mofo Rc

Lone Star 1.2" Wheels

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wheel set offset

The 1.2" Lone star wheels sold in a set of 4 are printed in a very durable custom blend resin for very hard properties and good looks with great impact resistance and toughness, The hub is built into the wheel, Just choose the offset you want or need stretch the tire over the wheel and install, No gluing or bead locking required. 3 offsets available including Portal, Neutral and Deep dish. The portal is best for the scx24 running the mofo rc brass portal kit and others such as the tetra24 to bring the wheels back inside and cover the portal boxes for about a +3-4mm stance. The Neutral stance is pretty much stock stance offset, The wheels are wider so the tires will stick out a little more but the inside almost touches the knuckle just like stock. The Deep dish offset is for those wanting to push the tires out further, About +6mm more over stock. All the wheels are the same minus the offset and where the hub is located inside the wheel.  If looking for a larger wheel look these will bring you a little bit of that stretched tire look like youre running a 26 inch wheel in real life look no further, Stretch your favorite 1.0 tire on these wheels and they will look sick, Some tires may not like the stretched look including really tall and skinny tires. Also if you just want a GIANT tire on your scx24 the rc4wd rock crusher 68 M/T is massive. If you do want a 1.0" wheel see the other lonestar wheel listing in the store. This is for 1.2" wheels using 1.2" tires or a mega stretched tire on the 1.2 wheel as shown in pics. 

*tires and other accessories not included, For wheels only. Tires shown are rc4wd Rock crusher 68 M/T, rc4wd Rock Creeper, rc4wd tsl bogger larger diameter 2.2" and the rc4wd bfg KR3