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Mofo Rc

Low Cog Emax servo Mount

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Low Cog Emax servo Mount may fit others too. Very flat. Very low. Will fit emax and others about the same size as emax. This can fit the black label servo from mofo rc with the use of a tiny spacer on each side of the servo. Between the mount and servo, if using for a black label please select BL/4 link and ill add the spacers to it. Larger servos such as nsdrc and reefs won't fit due to length. Also due to the low cog design and variations in machining of aftermarket axles this may not fit all the aftermarket axle housings buy at your own risk. Should fit stock housings just fine but it is a tight fit and will likely need to squeeze the mount on the axle while installing. This was made for stock Y link not 4 link. But if you select the BL/4 link option ill also include a couple tiny nuts for use when installing a 4 link setup.