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Mofo Rc

Mini battery tester with programable low voltage alarm

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Keep your battery alive! Mini battery tester with programable low voltage alarm. There's a tiny button on the top near the speakers push it to set the low voltage alarm setting. You can test up to 8s batteries with this. It will read out voltage total and individual cell voltage. You can also leave it plugged in when on the trail to ensure your esc doesn't drain the battery below lipo safe re-charging levels. 100 decibel alarm will not only ensure you hear it but should you happen to meet a shady character while out trailing and for some reason have a bad battery in your pocket you can use the low voltage alarm as a deterrent to attackers or maybe even Bears. But thats not proven and this is not meant to be a personal protection device and likely you will be mauled by the bear. Follow all recommended guidelines in your local area for deterring attackers and bears.