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Mofo Rc

Mini Bouncer V3 Chassis

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The Mini Bouncer V3, This new model is the same as the previously discontinued Version, However. This one has been redesigned to be made from nylon 11 plastic and Laser Printed SLS. Comes with the parts shown on the grayscale pic. Parts are matte black and both sandable and paintable. Green Buggy shown was painted with john deere green spray paint.  

Click Here for a handy SCREW AND NUT PACK if you dont have or want to reuse other screws. 

Parts Included:

Left and Right Side Chassis cage

Top Chassis cage

Esc Tray 

3 nylon crossbraces

On/off switch extending slider button piece

Headlamp Servo Bracket to mount stock headlamps onto the servo. 

Rear Spare tire carrier - Not shown on green buggy mounts above battery tray in rear

Not Included is screws or battery tray and other stock parts from an scx24, simply unbolt the standard deadbolt/c10/Jlu/betty battery tray, Skid plate, links, Screws and other parts and bolt them into the mini bouncer cage kit.

The ESC mounts onto the new esc tray positioned in the front, Push on the included on/off extended button on the original switch button and then slide it into the cutt out on the passenger side of the cage so that the new button sticks out the side. The battery tray mounts mid rear and the battery can slide in and out through the front window or the rear opening if not using the spare tire mount. Cross braces used wherever you want to use them. Headlamp servo bracket attatches to the servo through the servo screws and slide your stock headlamp leds into the bracket, You can glue them in if so desired. Green build is using a jeep/c10 link setup.