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Mofo Rc

Brass Link Balls

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Brass Link Balls. Will come with at least 17 link balls and 38 o-rings. Average package has 20 and 40. Use them for whatever, these fit good and tight in the stock link ends and should fit any other links that require link balls. They fit into every skid plate and axle for the scx24 I've tried plastic brass and aluminum. You will likely need to use pliers to insert them into the link ends. They are a tight fit. Push the ball as far as you can into the link. Then use pliers to squeeze the flat end against the link ring end to insert. If you try to remove later it may be easier to heat up the link first and then push out. Don't expect me to warranty these things out if you destroy them unless you are going to pay shipping and handling charges. You will probably not need to use the orings unless you have extremely loose fitting links or aluminum or brass or something like that.