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Mofo Rc

Gladiator LCG chassis

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Chassis material

2 Versions available, Printed Plastic and Carbon Fiber.

Carbon fiber* the shock holes are undersized so you can thread you shocks directly into the chassis, If they seem too tight do not force them, Either work a screw back and forth to create the threading or drill the hole out larger and use one of the included Nuts on the shock screw. 

This Gladiator Low Center of Gravity Chassis continues to use all the stock parts but lowers the sprung weight, Adds extra clearance for larger servos and around 50 shock mounting points for suspension tuning. Just unbolt the stock gladiator rails and install these. The Large hole on front of the chassis near esc is a protrusion hole for the stock esc mount body post screws to clear. The Skid Upper link mount holes are elongated to allow skid plate mounting in both forward and rear directions

The Carbon version will include a Hardware and Screw Pack full of Various length screws, nuts and Aluminum CrossBraces.

The Printed version will come with some various screws for the Upper links and Skid.