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Mofo Rc

Servo horn MICRO 25T Reefs, Nsdrc, Servobeast, Shiftrcs, Black Label

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Threaded holes select

This is the horn for the Larger servos such as Reefs, Nsdrc, Servobeast, Shiftrcs.

Not for the the Emax servos. 

It has a micro 25t spline hole. I have 2 variations.

Threaded stock pitch M1.4 for the steering arm to mount or a discounted horn with threaded holes that may be slightly too large and require use of a tiny m1.4 nut to secure the linkage to the arm. Select which one you need or want. Will Include a tiny nut to use as well for steering screw. 

Horn is made by nsdrc. Coated Black and is aluminum.