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Mofo Rc

Super DDP Wheels 1.0" Extra Deep Dish

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READ DESCRIPTION Must purchase MF6 Hubs to go with these wheels they are NOT included!

Click here to purchase MF6 Hubs for the wheels

Mofo Rc Aluminum Super DDP's Extra Deep Dish Premium Beadlock Wheels with reversible wheel halfs for adjusting the wheels offset by 7mm in or out simply by installing the longer half to the inside or outside. Pay attention when installing as one wheel half is longer. Can be ran as a Deep dish offset or a Deep Dish inset. Wheels are reversible. 

One of the pictures shows a comparison of the wheel halfs of the DDP compared to the Super DDP 

Comes with 4 inner and outer wheel halfs and 4 inner beadlock rings. choose either Black or silver for the color. Sold as set of 4. These are the easiest beadlock wheels to put together, Beads lock together when you install the MF6 Hubs to the wheel via 6 screws.

The Mofo Rc Super DDP Wheels use the Mofo Rc MF6 Hubs which are purchased separately and can be purchased in either Aluminum or Brass, And with offset variations of 0mm, 3mm, And 6mm per wheel. Effectively giving you a wider stance without using hex adapter or longer axle shafts. 

If looking for a wheel with a beadlock outer ring see the Mofo Rc UPW wheels, Or if looking for a more normal Deep Dish Wheel see Mofo Rc DDP wheels. You can also make these Island Style by purchasing the Mofo Rc island style wheel spacers in either brass or aluminum. There is also an Aluminum Dually adapter kit. And even a set of brass inner rings for extra weight.

Inner ring outer diameter is 29.5mm