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Mofo Rc

High steering angle Universal Joint Axle shafts +4mm

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These are +4mm Universal Joint steering axle shafts for the scx24, They will extend you wheels out +4mm per side, Also they will offer superior turning angle. Made of hardened steel for extra strength. You can increase you steering angles hugely with these axle shafts. The rest of your steering parts will have to be able to turn further to get any benefit from these. Most of the aftermarket knuckles offer more steering angle than the stock steering knuckles.  If you want a set of the strongest rear axle shafts ever made for the scx24 to go with these +4mm front axles check out the Full girth rear axle shafts here

IMPORTANT ----  After installation of the axle shafts you need to set your end points or steering D/r on the remote. If you turn beyond the abillity of the axle shaft it will lock up and snap.  once installed turn on your rig, flip it upside down and set your throttle so the tires are spinning at a slow medium pace. Turn your wheels with the steering on your remote slowly back and forth to full lock and watch for binding, When the binding occurs set the steering just before that point and that is where your steering will need to stay. You may be able to go full lock both directions with no binding, But if you modify your knuckles or other parts for extra turning angle this step is crucial.