Event Sponsor

Have Mofo Rc sponsor your local event, Mofo Micro Crawler competitions will use the RCMCCA Rules and Regulations, Read the diclosure and decide if youre eligible then fill out the Request form.

How it works?

Step 1

Please click the button and review the rules and micro crawler vehicle class requirements as governed by the RCMCCA Radio Controlled Micro Crawler Competition Association. Decide if you can follow these rules and requirements and implement them for your local competition. If so you may be eligible to have Mofo Rc Sponsor or in part Sponsor your event.

**IF YOUR EVENT IS NOT A MICRO CRAWLER EVENT Please send us an email using the provided link in step 2


Expectations and Requirements

Step 2

You have read the rules and regulations from RCMCCA, You want Mofo Rc to Help sponsor your event, Now we will need something from you. Firstly Understand that Mofo Rc will Donate an amount of Products, Time or Money to your event and in return you will determine how to use the said items the best way possible to help host your event, Make it fun for everyone and Provide Advertisement for Mofo Rc.

Mofo Rc will ask for a couple things as part of the sponsorship. You will be required to purchase at least 1 Sweet Friggin Banner to be used at and in plain sight at the location of the event. If you already have the banner please include the order number or email used to purchase the banner in your email request. If you plan to use your own Banner or Permanent Home made Stationary sign It will need to be at least 48 inches long by 30 inches tall. You will also include the name mofo rc in your event, It will be used in emails, Promotions on facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube or others as well.

You will need to purchase an Event Sponsorship Package. Make sure when you checkout that the mailing address is correct as this will be the address the "sponsorship package" will be sent to.

***We cannot sponsor every event obviously, But we will try to sponsor your event if we are able to, Please make sure to put in your request at least 8 weeks ahead of the event date.

Lastly, If youve read all of the above and are able to abide by the set workings, And you STILL want the chance for your event to be sponsored by Mofo Rc Click the Button Below. Or send an Email to Mofosponsormyevent@gmail.com

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