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Mofo Rc

Black Brass High Clearance V2 Links by the set See Options

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For the Complete 4 link black brass link kit click here and select from choices

Order the New V2 style black brass links by the set of either front or rear including the upper and lower link sets. These are designed to be 4 link, Not Y link front end, If you dont have a mount to use to convert to 4 link front Id suggest one of my Best Servo Mount Ever mounts, They are set up to be used with either Y link front Or 4 Link Front. These come with 4 links total per set, Upper and Lower High Clearance black brass links.

Click Here For Best Servo Mount Ever to convert your front end with ease. 

Link lengths are Sold By scx24 Model and either front or rear, Also see Below for specific lengths. Hole To Hole lengths and locations of model. 

Deadbolt / Betty 

Front Upper is 28.5mm  Front Lower is 40.5mm Weight is 13 Grams

Rear Upper is 61.5mm  Rear Lower is 69mm Weight is 21 Grams


Jeep / C10 / Bronco

Front Upper is 38.5mm  Front Lower is 50mm Weight is 16 Grams

Rear Upper is 51mm  Rear Lower is 58.5mm Weight is 19 Grams



Front Upper is 38.5mm  Front Lower is 50mm Weight is 16 Grams

Rear Upper is 70mm  Rear Lower is 78mm Weight is 24 Grams


** Canted Repair front links for Jeep / C10 / Bronco / Gladiator front links, If your Servo is pointing at an angle upwards and or rearward and you want to correct it straighter upright these links for the front are what you want. Slightly longer upper link to push the servo pointing forward more. These Will also give you more negaitve Caster Which some guys are looking for. 

Front Upper is 40mm  Front Lower is 50mm Weight is 16 Grams