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Mofo Rc

FMS Big Block motor with 16T pinion

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This is the Iconic Mofo Rc Big Block Motor with gobs of power and a higher top speed than the stock FMS motor. This is a direct drop in motor with the 16T mod.4 brass pinion already installed. It will have much more punch and a higher top speed than the stock brushed motor and should have a much longer life as well. It will still crawl great as well. 


Depending on the age of your FMS and the Model some have a motor plate with a hole too small to remove your stock motor with the gear on it and you will have to dremmel and cut off the gear or crush the gear in a vice then slide it off in order to remove the motor and then drill the hole out larger to install the motor. Do this at your own risk. 

ALSO, when using the big block motor you WILL need to either drill out the pinion relief in the spur gear cover or you can install the gear cover but do not tighten down the screws on it. The pinion gear and shaft on the Big block are longer than the FMS motor and gear and will rub on the cover causing excess heat and low power and short motor life.