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Mofo Rc

Ugly AF Chassis Kit

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Chassis material

The Ugly AF Chassis For scx24 LCG, lightweight, Strength and Beauty. Choose between. Carbon Fiber for ultra Light and strength. Or Aluminum for metal and beauty. Or for a budget powerhouse the Printed Ugly chassis made in tough resin compound,

The Ugly AF Chassis is the go to for low center of gravity and competition rigs, Has a 6* degree angled skid. Also the easiest most well thought out design there is.

***Comes with the chassis, esc tray, battery tray, and screws and hardware not shown, Also comes with Headlight relocation servo bracket since there is no where to mount a front bumper.

Includes All you'll need to convert your scx24 to night and day performance gains. Will fit any model of scx24. And mounting a body is super simple. Also fits larger motors and Brushless with minor to no effort or modifications. Carbon fiber weighs only 12 grams, Aluminum 18 grams Easy way to reduce Sprung weight and keep the weight low where you want it.

See youtube Mofo rc for demonstrations and instructions.